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Organic Wool

British Wool pays a premium for certain grades of organic wool. Our current organic wool premium, which is valid until 30 April 2020, is as follows:


  • Fine grades (203-291)
  • Medium grades (305-399)
  • Finer micron Hill wool grades (614, 615, 653, 654, 655, 659, 668, 698)


  • Mule number 1 and number 2 grades (423, 426, 430, 434)

Please remember to pack your organic wool in a green wool bag or sheet, then it can be clearly distinguished. If you need extra organic wool sheets, please contact your local grading depot.

All organic wool must be accompanied by a valid approved UK Organic Control Body Certification. The certificate must be valid on the date of the receipt of wool into the British Wool network and must be registered to the farm in which the sheep were kept.  If you have any questions, please contact our Producer Services team on 01274 688666 or email

British Wool pays a premium for organic wool British Wool pays a premium for certain grades of organic wool