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New Brands join British Wool scheme


Q: Tell us the story of how your business got started.

A: The duo behind the brand are Sisters Rachel and Siobhan. It was when Rachel was on maternity leave, that she picked up her love of crafting again and asked Siobhan who is a talented print and pattern designer to design her something to punch needle. Rachel enjoyed creating Siobhan's designs so much and found combining the creativity with crafting provided lot of wellness in addition to a great sense of achievement, something that Rachel felt should be shared with others.

Q: What inspired your brand and design process?

A: We are inspired by nature, modern design and sustainability. We grew up in Edinburgh and often spent time exploring the wilderness of the Trossachs and enjoying nature. Our embroidery kits are inspired by nature and often feature wildlife and the outdoors. Siobhan also specialised in screen printing and found that punch needle designs using super chunky yarn lends itself perfectly for her modern design flair for bold abstract shapes. We work with sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, linen and we are extremely proud to now add our sustainable British Wool collection to our craft kits.

Q: Why did you choose to use British wool in your products?

A: As a small business we are mindful of the impact that our business makes on the planet. We care about the materials we include in our kits and how they are made. We believe in using superior quality materials to give our customers the best experience making our kits. British Wool is superior in quality and we're passionate about sustainability. Wool is naturally made and the process in which wool fibre is made is kinder to the planet, as synthetic fibres require oil and refineries to make them. We now have complete transparency on where the wool is coming from, how it is made, that we are supporting British Farmers and importantly know that the wool is made under the British animal welfare standards. We are also reducing our carbon footprint impact on the plant by not ordering wool from the other side of the world to be flown to the UK.  

Q: What do you value the most when using British Wool?

A: We value the care and attention that has gone into the process to create The Modern Crafter superior British Wool that has been specifically designed for punch needle. We are extremely proud to support our local farmers and to provide our customers with a sustainable product that has been graded as 100% British Wool and bought through British Wool auctions.

Q: What is the dream and where will your journey take you next?

A: Our dream is to teach as many people as possible the many punch needle projects that you can make using our British Wool. To develop our British Wool colour range and to have our British Wool punch needle kits stocked with partners across the world for everyone to enjoy being creative, getting crafty and love the self-care too!

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New Brands join British Wool scheme