Information for consumers about British Wool Products

Thanks for buying a British Wool product

Thanks for buying a British Wool product and we hope you will enjoy it for many years to come. Find out how to care for your wool product here  - carpet, bedding and furniture.

Your purchase has helped to support sheep farmers across the UK. British Wool is a farming co-operative – our profits are the returns we give to the 40,000 sheep farmers who send their wool into us. Promoting the many natural benefits of British wool directly to consumers is just one way we can increase the returns we provide to our farmers – the more people buying British wool products, the greater the demand for the fibre, and the better price British farmers receive for their wool.  

Our licensee scheme, signified by our crook mark, is designed to promote products which use genuine and verified levels of British wool. So you know you’ve bought a product of real quality, designed to last for years.

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